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Why healthy boundaries are important and how to set them

They say good boundaries make good neighbors. I say good personal boundaries build great interpersonal and professional relationships. Some people feel the need to please others, often without realizing that by saying “yes” to everything, they are also saying “no” to something else that might be equally important to them. This can have negative effects on both your personal life and your career.

Not being able to set healthy boundaries can be related to common issues like low self-esteem, needing approval from others, learned helplessness or the fear of being rejected or criticized.

Boundaries create trust and build healthy relationships. Even when some people don't like what you do, they will likely still respect you for standing up for what you believe in. Boundaries also generate safety in relationships. When your privacy is respected, you are more likely to feel heard, validated and appreciated. But most of all, you are not taken for granted by either your loved ones or your colleagues and supervisors.

Here are some resources to check out to aid you in your boundary setting and maintaining journey:


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