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Psychiatric Evaluation

The cornerstone of good psychiatric care is a thorough evaluation. Psychiatric evaluation is defined as a systematic review of the causes, symptoms, course and consequences of a psychiatric disorder (like depression or anxiety). The goal is to formulate a diagnosis and a treatment plan, and to answer any questions the patient or referring provider may have. 

This evaluation takes place over one to three visits which allows ample time to understand your history, your symptoms, your strengths and your goals. Reviewing records from your other health care providers and any previous psychiatric records is an important part of the evaluation process in order to provide a holistic assessment.


At the end of your evaluation we will discuss your Thrive provider's clinical impression of underlying factors contributing to your current symptoms and best practices for addressing and improving these factors. You will leave with a printed plan outlining what you both discussed and the plan for moving forward toward your goals.

*All psychiatric evaluations will be conducted via secure, HIPAA compliant video platform

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

TMS is the first non-systemic and non-invasive outpatient depression treatment cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for patients who have not benefited from prior antidepressant treatment. TMS uses highly focused pulsed magnetic fields to stimulate function in the targeted brain regions. 

TMS is:

  • Non-invasive, meaning that it does not involve surgery. It does not require any anesthesia or sedation, as the patient remains awake and alert during the treatment.

  • Non-systemic, meaning that it is not taken by mouth and does not circulate in the bloodstream throughout the body.

Medication Management

Some symptoms may be best treated with the addition of prescription medication. When this is the case a discussion will take place outlining any risks associated with the medication recommended, potential benefits, and available alternative treatments. Patients are always encouraged to ask questions and participate in decision-making regarding their treatment. There will be ample time to have all questions answered. 

*All medication management visits will be conducted via secure, HIPAA compliant video platform



We have a compassionate and skilled Licensed Professional Counselor on staff helping clients develop better cognitive and emotional skills, reduce symptoms of mental illness, and cope with various life challenges to improve their lives.

Other Non-Pharmacological Management

The best treatment outcomes occur when patients are engaged in therapeutic activities outside of medication alone. Such activities might include psychotherapy/counseling, regular exercise/movement, mindfulness/meditation practice, biofeedback, dedicated time in nature, dietary strategies, and nutritional and/or herbal supplements. All recommendations will be evidence-based, meaning research has shown them to be effective, and personalized for a particular patient's needs. These strategies are an essential component to achieving mental health and wellbeing and will be part of the discussion at your visits with your Thrive provider. 

Health Coaching

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