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Remission from depression. Let's get your patients there.

We partner with you to provide your patients with a comprehensive psychiatric care experience, all while keeping you informed and part of the process.

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At Thrive Integrative Psychiatry, we provide excellent psychiatric care with true compassion and utilize the most effective integrative tools available to transform suffering into thriving. We are a team of skilled clinicians who believe that mind, body, and environment operate as a whole and that effective treatment is not one-size-fits-all. We are passionate about helping people live their best lives. 


Our Services


Check out the numbers.

TMS Outcomes Data 8.22.23.png

*n=78; “responding” = PHQ9 decreased by half or more; “remission” = PHQ9 score of 4 or less

(Compare to STAR*D data which reports antidepressants have a 50% response rate and 25-35% remission rate, decreasing with each subsequent medication trial)

Our Services


Refer for a no-cost consultation with one of our friendly Patient Consultants.

Interested in referring a patient but not sure if they are the right fit? Leave that up to us! We will evaluate your patient to see if they are a candidate for our services.


Let's get the ball rolling.

Refer your patient to us, we'll take it from there.

One of our Patient Consultants will contact your patient within 48hrs. They will review your patient’s history and explain the TMS treatment process.


Check out our "TMS Referral - What to Expect & Quick Facts" document with answers to Provider frequently asked questions - HERE

What patients are saying


Thrive Patient

“TMS gives you back your power. It gives you back the ability to choose something better for yourself and not to be a victim of depression anymore.  It’s like the weight around my foot is gone”.

Video call

Thrive Patient

"Daily migraines since an electrocution in 2007 left me dependent upon Oxycontin and other prescriptions to deal with Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. I also tried every form of psychotherapy without relief. But after daily TMS treatments, I was able to stop using the Oxycontin, and I have been pain-free ever since. TMS is “great science”!"

Preparing Jams

Thrive Patient

"I have had the most amazing experience with Thrive Integrative Psychiatry! The entire team is so kind and caring and are amazing at what they do.  I would highly recommend anyone struggling with mental health issues to go to Thrive. You will be treated with dignity and respect and provided with tools and support to help you on your journey to wellness."

Identifying a TMS Candidate

Indications: Adult MDD, Depression with Anxiety, OCD, migraine with aura, nicotine use disorder

Contraindications: Metal implants near the head (dental fillings and titanium ok), pacemaker/electrical implants; Epilepsy ; Severe head trauma, CNS tumor, dementia, or risk for increased intracranial pressure; Unstable medical symptoms or active psychosis


The best care for your patients

Take a look at the payers we work with below.
Additionally, our well-trained team files and processes claims for your patient.
Unfortunately, we are unable to take Medicare and Medicaid/OHP at this time. 

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